How to Order

Selecting your Products

The first step in the process is to select if you want to buy your device outright or through a finance plan. This will take you to a list of devices approved by your school.

If your portal has multiple products you'll get the ability to select up to 3 devices to compare. If you do not wish to select all 3 you can click "Go To Next Page" on the device or the "Compare" button at the bottom of the page.

If you have selected multiple products you'll get a side by side comparison at the top of the page indicating the key differences between units and their prices. Like so:

You can click on any unit to view the full specification.

The unit you choose is highly dependent on your requirements but if you do need further assistance in choosing the right unit please email

Once you've chosen the unit you want you just need to click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Like so:

Placing your Order

Once you have chosen your products you just need to fill out the order form at the bottom of the page like so:
You should use your home or work address as the delivery address.

Once you're ready click the "Click here to Review Order and Select payment Method". This won't place your order.

The next page will ask you to confirm you order and select you payment method, Like so:

Credit Card and Paypal

If you choose Credit Card or Paypal you'll be transferred through to a secure Westpac Payment Portal:

Follow the prompts to put your payment through.

Our credit card portal uses a technology called 3D Secure to stop credit card fraud unfortunately not all banks subscribe to this service and some cards may be declined.

If this happens try a different payment method such as Paypal or "Over the Phone".

Interest Free

If you choose to use the Interest Free option click Interest Free and select a payment term like so:

12 Month options may not be available on all portals.

Please read all terms and conditions before applying for a finance product.

When ready click "Apply for Interest Free or use existing card". If you already have a GE Interest Free card you can use this here.

This will redirect you to a Secure Interest Free Portal. Like so:

If you want to Apply for a new card click "Apply for a GEM Visa Card" and follow the prompts through the application.

If you have an existing card click "Pay with my existing card" and enter your card number to make payment.

Direct Deposit and Over the Phone

These payment methods submit your order to us without payment and we'll send you an invoice to pay on. Please note we do not process orders until we receive payment.

If something goes wrong

If a payment method fails you'll be redirect to an LWT page with the option to choose another payment method. Like so:

Payment is successful

Once payment is successful you'll be taken to a Order Successful page and you'll receive a confirmation email with your order details.

Receiving your Order

We deliver products directly to your chosen delivery location by Australia Post EParcel this means if you're not home when you the product arrives you'll be left a registered post card to pick up the unit from your local post office

Following up your Delivery

If you want to find out where your delivery is up to just email and we'll get right back to you.