How To Get Support

The great thing about buying from Learning with Technologies is we're there for you after the sale to help you with your warranty repairs, accidental damage insurance repairs or if you don't have insurance out of warranty repairs.

To get service simply log a job at
Please Note:If your school or organisation are assisting with repairs you should give them the unit to log the job for you.

We have a large fleet of technicians who provide onsite service work for many schools. We also work with the manufacturers we sell to provide the best support available in all other areas.

Depending on your warranty choosen we can supply warranty onsite or the unit can be returned to base. If we are working with your child's school we can also supply support at the school so you don't have to wait around for a technician.

Types of Service Jobs


Warranty covers anything that is a manufacturer fault - eg unit not turning on, hard drive ceases to work, screen has no display. It doesn't cover against physical damage to the device such as drops, broken screens and the like.

Accidental Damage Insurance Repairs

If you have purchased insurance cover with your device from us we can help complete the repair for you, once any required excess has been paid.

Out of Warranty Repairs

If the unit is out of warranty or does not have accidental damage coverage then we can supply a quote for repair of the device.