Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Products

What features are important in a school environment?

The two most important features are battery life and weight.

Battery: Most schools don't want students charging their units during the day so you need at least a 7 hour battery to get through the day.
Weight: It is generally recommended that any notebook that a student is taking to and from school should be no more than 2KG as otherwise it will add too much weight to their bags.

Other important features

Wireless: Most schools operate what is known as a 5Ghz or Dual Band Wireless network - most notebooks we sell ship with 5Ghz Dual Band Wireless.
Screen Size: Choosing a screen size depends on how your child is going to use the unit. If it is primarily for information research such as web browsing and basic office applications a 10 or 11.6" screen will suffice. If the student is going to do more project work on the device a larger screen may be appropriate.
Processor: This affects the performance of the unit in order of slowest to fastest processors go - Intel Atom, Celeron, Pentium Dual Core, Core i3, i5, i7. As a rule if you a doing web browsing and basic office applications then Atom, Celeron and Pentium Dual Core are fine if you are doing more intensive project work then choose a Core i processor.

What is a solid state drive?
Solid State Disks is a new technology replacing old mechanical disks. These disks are up to 5 times faster than older style disks and are less likely to fail as they don't have moving parts. They do cost more and give you less storage space though.

Questions about Payment

What methods can I pay by?
Credit Card, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Interest Free

Is my credit card secure online?
We use a secure Westpac portal to process credit cards.

Do you store my credit card number?
No LWT does not store any credit card information.

My credit card doesn’t work online what’s wrong?
Our credit card portal uses a technology called 3D Secure to stop credit card fraud unfortunately not all banks subscribe to this service and some cards may be declined.

If this happens you can continue your order by choosing another payment method such as Paypal or use “Over the Phone” and we’ll process it from there.

Can I pay in instalments?
You can pay in instalments but we cannot place the order for your products until we get full payment. To help spread your cost we do offer an Interest Free option.

What is Interest Free?
Interest Free options are supplied by GE Money and give you an interest free period with repayments. Please note that interest free may not be available on all products. There is a $99 annual fee with these cards and it is strongly recommended you read the terms and conditions carefully if applying for a card.

Delivery Questions

When will I receive my goods?
Your order will be processed straight away and goods will usually be shipped to you by Australia Post Eparcel within 1-2 weeks. If there is any delay we’ll send you an email letting you know.

What if I’m not home when the goods arrive?
If you are not home when the goods are delivered Australia Post will leave a registered post pickup card and you’ll be able to pick up your unit from the local post office.

Warranty Questions

How is warranty supplied?
Warranty will be supplied onsite at your school or by return to base depending on your warranty purchased.

What’s covered by warranty?
Only the hardware is covered by warranty against manufacturer fault. Software and physical damage are not covered.

Insurance and Repair Questions

I need Insurance?
You don 't have to purchase insurance with your unit but it can help lock in costs and ensure quicker onsite repair. For full information please refer the PDS.

What do I do if my unit gets damaged and I don’t have insurance?
We can supply a quote and repair cost for fixing a broken unit.

Software Issues

I have a problem with my software who should I talk too?
We only provide the hardware and unfortunately can’t supply advice regarding the software. If you have a school supplied image you should talk to the school if you are having difficulties or seek local IT support.