Nathalia Secondary College

Welcome to the Nathalia Secondary College Managed BYOD Order Portal.

This website will allow you to view the range of expertly selected laptops which will enable your child to gain quality education at Nathalia Secondary College.

The portal has relevant information on the selected devices making it simple for you to choose a device that best suits your child’s needs and budget*.

Units will be delivered to the school so they can install school software on the units before pickup.

Please note pricing is subject to change without notice.

*Laptops have an expected 3-4 year life cycle. Once this time has exceeded, while the laptop will still run (provided its physical state is still in adequate condition), its functionality, compared to the current models, maybe significantly noticeable. Purchasing a laptop with higher specifications now, will help minimise the functionality gap as the laptop reaches or exceeds its expected life cycle.

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